Review No.37 – Black Heart

Black Heart – Holly Black

Gollancz, 2012

Cassel Sharpe has done terrible things. He was a teenage assassin, using his power as a transformation worker to make sure the bodies were never found; he turned the girl he loved into a cat and forgot who she was when his memories were worked by his brother Barron. Now he knows the truth and he’s trying to force his life back on track. But that’s not so easy with his criminal mother on the run from a deranged politician and his loyalties pulling him between the Feds and the mob. It’s gets even harder every time he sees Lila, once a cat, now a girl again and deep in the ugly underworld of curse working. Everyone wants something from Cassel. It’s time for him to choose a side…

The third and final book in the Curse Workers series, Black Heart has Holly Black’s signature brilliant dark wit and more plot threads than you would think she could weave into such a tight storyline. Everyone in the book, from heartbreakingly flawed Cassel right down to the most incidental of background characters, is completely believable, almost tangible. It is the perfect conclusion to what has been a truly excellent series.


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