Review No.36 – The Demon’s Covenant

The Demon’s Covenant – Sarah Rees Brennan

Simon and Schuster, 2010

Less than a month ago, Mae’s life made sense. Then her brother Jamie got marked by a demon and she was sent to Nick and Alan Ryves for help. She danced in the Goblin Market, kissed a demon, killed a magician. Now it is her normal life that doesn’t feel real any more. When she catches Jamie meeting with the leader of the Obsidian Circle – the same circle of magicians who almost killed him not so long ago – the Ryves brothers are the only people she can turn to for advice, but she doesn’t count on the danger they will bring with them. Because Nick is a demon inside a human’s body and no one, not even his own brother, know if they can really trust him. In fact, as the magicians stalk the people Mae loves and loyalties begin to fracture, she has to wonder if she can trust anyone at all…

The second book is widely agreed to be the hardest for an author to create, especially when it is the bridge between the first and third parts of a trilogy. So Rees Brennan might have been forgiven for allowing the pace and power built up in The Demon’s Lexicon to slacken just a little in Covenant – but it doesn’t, not for one minute. Not only does she match Lexicon’s fast pace and originality, she ups her game with brilliantly witty and evocative writing that demands re-reading. The trilogy concludes in The Demon’s Surrender and I, for one, am desperate know what happens next.



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